Velesco – Where Did Our Name Originate?

When Velesco started our operations back in 2007, we needed to find a company name that captured the essence of what we were all about.  From the beginning we knew that we would differentiate ourselves with the broad experience of our team along with the quality and speed of our formulation, analytical method development and cGMP clinical manufacturing efforts.    We are blessed to be located quite close to the University of Michigan and their school of entrepreneurial studies.   Given that we had little or no branding experience, we were fortunate to befriend a professor at U of M who is a branding expert.  We suggested that we call ourselves Huron Pharmaceutical Services and he quickly asked if we were a “swim club”.

Clearly we needed to turn it up a notch and we ultimately found the answer in a Latin/English dictionary.  I studied quite a bit of Latin back in the day so this was an enjoyable process form start to finish!  After a long search, we came across words that truly captured our essence.

Invelesco – To gather strength, become stronger

Velociter – Quickly, rapidly, swiftly

Playing with these words a bit brought us to Velesco.  This name along with our more recent branding utilizing the Nimblocity phrase provides an excellent sense of how we work with our clients!  Our goal from the beginning is to provide the personal attention that early phase development projects require, growing with our clients and working side by side with them to rapidly reach development milestones.

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