Peeps® and Solubility – Are You Fascinated By Both Topics? See How They Are Related.

Dear readers, are you fascinated by Peeps?  Join the club!

I just Googled some solubility terms in preparation of writing another blog post about solubility and what comes up second on Google’s list?  A website all about Peeps, including experiments trying to dissolve them!

Dig further on that website to unveil much more Peep excitement, you will not be disappointed.

The official Peeps® website:


My history with Peeps

I love to see science applied to pop culture and I have a soft spot in my heart for using Peeps in a lab.  In graduate school, we would melt Peeps over a Bunsen burner in order to turn the tides of experiments that were not working.  Yes, this sounds strange, but it just made us feel better to watch the marshmallow melt and sugar burn.


Science is really cool – we as scientists should communicate that better

Maybe we should turn Halloween into an opportunity to educate children about scientific topics like solubility?  Typically, I’ve described solubility to lay people in terms of straight sugar in water.  But, demonstrating with Peeps would be more exciting.  On the other hand, it sounds like a bad idea to use Phenol outside of a lab.  If you didn’t read the website, Phenol was the solvent of choice to dissolve Peeps.


Some solubility information for drug development

In drug development, solubility determinations (or solubilizing a drug) can be much more complex than imagined.  It is not a factor merely of the intrinsic solubility of the compound.  Properties such as polymorphic state and purity can hugely impact solubility, both positively and negatively.   More to come on this topic….


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