Introduction to the Velesco Pharma Blog

Velesco recently celebrated its 5th anniversary and we thought the timing quite appropriate to initiate a blog to enhance our interaction with the significant network we have developed in the pharmaceutical R&D community.  Our colleagues come from a diverse yet common background.  All are from the range of big pharma R&D organizations that once excelled in Michigan and the midwest.

My co-founder, Dave Barnes, and I came up through the ranks of Pfizer in Sandwich, England, New London, CT and ultimately concluded our big pharma careers here in Michigan.  We have built our organization by tapping into an immense R&D talent base that has roots not only with Pfizer but also with Warner Lambert, Parke Davis, Upjohn and Pharmacia.  This has brought a diversity of thought to Velesco that has helped us succeed in collaborating with our clients on many early phase development projects.

We are proud of our success and feel fortunate to have had the opportunity over the last five years to not only to reconnect with the significant network of colleagues from our big pharma days but also make numerous new connections with highly driven clients and collaborators advancing impressive science.  We look forward to communicating with our growing network on an ongoing basis and learning together!

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