Event by MichBio – Women Building Success in Biosciences

Hello!  Velesco sponsored a MichBio event this week, June 9, 2015: Women Building Success in Biosciences. See photos here. Three of us ladies from our Plymouth site were able to attend the event, which was fabulous! The event included three panel discussions: Positioning Yourself in Today’s Marketplace, My Life as a Woman Entrepreneur, and Lessons in Leadership.  All of them provided wonderful insights and advice on how we as professionals can advance our success in the workforce and further our careers as leaders. The keynote address was delivered by Luann Pendy, PhD, Senior Vice President, Global Quality, at Medtronic, Inc. That address and all of the panel discussions focused on helping women overcome some of the stigma and limitations that we put on ourselves so that we can be more competitive at work and therefore more successful.  I very much enjoyed the last panel discussion – Lessons in Leadership – in which five very successful women discussed how they got to their career positions and some of the challenges they faced on that path. They talked about the differences in being nice and being kind, and expanded that into being respected.  I appreciated them saying that they’d rather be respected for a decision made to benefit their company than liked for being nice.  We also heard a lot of different views on balancing work and life, and the way people choose how to best balance their family and career based on priorities and what works for them. Some of the most valuable advice that we received, in my opinion, centered on confidence in yourself.  All of these successful women still struggled with self-confidence at times, but have found ways to overcome.  They suggested that in meetings to where you are invited, make yourself known and speak up when you have something to say. Have confidence in the knowledge you have and recognize that others invited you to the meeting because they value your input and want to hear what you have to say. Don’t sell yourself short, have confidence in yourself and do everything you can to succeed and achieve your dreams, and you will!Women in Bio pic


  1. Kari Nieto

    Hi Sarah and Velesco group,

    Thank you for publishing this blog. I enjoy hearing these stories about women who are passionate about their work and who are able address issues with transparency in the workplace. Kudos to you for attending these events, I know I am always so glad when I am able to be part of a larger group with a common mission.

    Kari Nieto

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