COO Musings – Transitions from Big Pharmaceutical to Life as a CRO

The Velesco team made a significant transition as each of us worked for many years in big pharma and the skills we needed to succeed in a small business were different in many ways. Prior to co-founding Velesco, I worked in R&D financial operations and was not exposed to the range of disciplines that one is required to master to successfully lead a start up CRO.

An early learning for us was that no matter how deep your talent or fancy your equipment, you need to sell your services and let the world know about you! One significant upside to the changing landscape that is the drug development world, is that many colleagues in our big pharma network were joining smaller companies.

Our leadership spent extensive time warming up our network and we found that the biotech hubs in Boston, the Bay area and San Diego provided the opportunities for Velesco to collaborate with small to mid-sized pharmaceutical companies and start to establish our reputation as deeply experienced drug formulators, analytical chemists and cGMP clinical manufacturing specialists who appreciate the pace at which clients need to reach milestones.

We continue to stay connected with a broad network of colleagues working for not only pharma companies but also complimentary CROs/CMOs. If Velesco is unable to provide a service requested by a client, we have developed a trusted network of companies that we can turn towards to meet a customer’s needs. Building and maintaining these relationships has been one of the most rewarding aspects of creating and growing the Velesco organization!

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