Continuing Education for a Velesco Scientist

I have been a leading scientist and project manager for quite a few years here at Velesco.  Last year, I was looking for ways to formalize my project management skills in order to improve the flow of projects so I enrolled in an online Graduate Certificate program through the University of Washington.  Last month, I completed the certificate in Project Management for Biotech/Pharma.

Over the past year with this program, I have been working on formalizing my project management skills, including formal risk analysis, project charters, etc.  I have also learned in depth about more portions of the drug development process than the sliver in which I am involved.  This formal training is helping me manage projects more efficiently and with a broader mind towards the future of a project.  And, since we are a small business, it is quite easy to share my knowledge with my Velesco colleagues

At Velesco, your lead scientist is your project manager, and I think that makes us fairly unique.  I may not physically perform all the experiments, but I have handled the compound extensively and act as my clients’ eyes and hands in the lab.

Since completing my certificate program, I’ve decided to pursue becoming a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).  I think it will help our clients to know that a professional who understands pharmaceutical risk management, budget, timelines, and scope is taking the lead on their project.  And, it is never a bad idea to have more letters behind your name!

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