Velesco is a pharmaceutical CRO specializing in analytical development, formulations, and early stage clinical supply manufacture.

Velesco applies nimblocity to your early stage drug development projects, with our proven formulation of expertise, flexibility, dedication, and velocity to clinic.

Expertise and Experience

Velesco is a CMC contract research organization, founded and staffed by pharmaceutical scientists from Pfizer’s former Michigan R&D campus. Our team has experience with more than 100 drug development programs.


Our nimble processes and focused expertise enables us to overcome even the most challenging obstacles. Our team is responsive, accommodating, and eager to help you reach the full potential of your compound, quickly and efficiently.

Personalized Partnerships

We treat your project like it’s our own and share everything from insightful observations to solutions for problematic analytic methods, to assistance with the FDA registration process. All our services are royalty-free.

Velocity to Clinic

We’re committed to getting your compound to the clinic on time. Our size, capacity, and expertise allow us to accommodate changes swiftly while maintaining control and quality.

As experts in pharmaceutical analytical chemistry, drug formulation development, and cGMP clinical supply manufacture, Velesco scientists have a proven track record of moving compounds through the critical drug development process with nimblocity and unrivaled success.